Sunday, 19 July 2009

Football Crazy!


Here I am again, posing for my Mum to take my picture. Quick Mum, I've got things to do!

I think I sat for two minutes, good job Mum was quick cos I was off again!

Been busy this week, perfecting my football skills. I am so quick on my feet that this photograph is slightly blurred. I think I could play for Newcastle United, I am a very good goal keeper too.

This is me dribbling my football. Nobody can take it, if they try I just run into the trees and cause another blur.

Have they gone yet?

Good, then I will sit down and keep my ball here, just in case.

Whoops, I was giving Auntie Rachel the evil eye here, she was trying to sneak up on me and get my ball. Better stick my teeth in there and keep tight hold.

Gerroff................. it's mine I tell you!

I do let go when I am told but I like to keep hold of it so I get a chase around the garden, just like I do when I drag the cushions from the sofa and take them for a run. Mum does tell me off for that, I do get them in a mess especially if the garden is wet and muddy.
Well, better get back to football practice, see you next time.