Monday, 15 November 2010

No Blogging, too Busy!


It's ages since I have managed to find time to do some blogging. I have been to busy with this and that, what with swimming and holidays and then decorating, the time has flown over. Then Mum had problems with the site and lost all her wallpaper (blogging wallpaper, not for the walls). Luckily Carrie and Lesley got it sorted so here I am again.

I had a whale of a time decorating, it's amazing how much of the wall you can get done by using your ears.

Mum did not seem to appreciate it though, she kept chasing me away into the kitchen, I think I did leave quite a lot of my hair behind, so it was a magnolia and black haired wall by the time I had finished with it. The emulsion paint wasn't too bad but I got covered in gloss as well and I did not like the smell when Dad cleaned me up!

This was the least of my worries, at one point the whole of one side was covered in paint, even down to the tip of my tail.

We are doing the dining room now, I wonder how much chaos I can cause in there.

My swimming is coming on leaps and bounds but I much prefer to just jump in. I launch myself off the side and watch how much water jumps out! (quite a lot). That's all I like to do, have a quick swim then jump off the side again. When I finally get out Emma the lady who comes in with me always has to fill the pool up again.

Bedtime now, see you all later. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz