Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to Bertie, Happy Birthday to me.

If you haven't guessed it is my birthday, well, yesterday 7th September. I am now 1 years old.

Mum made me a lovely hat (couldn't wait to rip it to shreds) with the number 1 on. I got a new collar and some delicious sausages and I had a little cake with a candle. We did not light it though, Dad thought I might go up in flames.

I couldn't wait to get stuck into my cake, hurry up Dad, take the wrapper off!

It took a lot of concentration to sit this still with that cake in front of me. Come on, hurry up and lets get onto the best bit.

Okay, I have had enough of this hat, let me get it off now! At one point it slid down my head and I looked like a Unicorn, but Mum was not quick enough with the camera to get that one.

Then I had a lovely tummy tickle off Dad but I kept sliding down the sofa onto the floor.

Oh well, that's one birthday gone, time for my walk now. I might wander round and see my friend Jake and have a play fight in the garden.

See you all soon.