Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Hi, me again. With a quick report on my classes.

Mum and Dad say I am very good and did everything I was told and I didn't jump on anybody! There were five other pals there with their owners and we had to walk around and say 'hello' to each other and if we did this nice and calmly we all got a treat. The first week I was in the top section as I could sit and lie down on command. We learned how to walk to heel and the lady who was the trainer took me from Mum to demonstrate. She held a nice piece of smelly Stilton cheese that Mum had taken as a treat and I kept my eye on that as we walked round. I stuck to her side like glue, I could taste that cheese before I got it. We only had one problem with the cheese, it was in a plastic bag in Mum's pocket and it sort of melted, so it got a bit more smelly and crumbly before the lesson was over. We have practiced a lot at home and I am quite good at that now.

The second week Dad took me. Again I was very good, we had to walk between cones and not knock them over. I was quicker by three whole seconds. I did not do so well with a recall. They had lots of nice interesting things lying all over on the floor, I picked up a fluffy toy instead of going straight to Dad and then he ran out of the door. I thought he was leaving me and I wasn't having any of that, so I chased him. Phew, I'm glad I caught him quickly.

This is me waiting for the start of our class.

After we had finished we went to the pub for a drink.

We sat outside and relaxed and watched the world go by.

Wonder what we will do at our next class?

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Boisterous Bertie

Mum say's she is changing my name to Boisterous Bertie, loud, noisy, and lacking in restraint or discipline. Mum say's I fit the bill.

I have discovered I can leap onto the furniture and the bed is nice and comfy, not to sleep on but I can walk round and round on it. I am very good at bedtime, I have my biscuit and go straight to sleep. Dad's socks are nice to throw about and catch. The cushions are great to run around with but neither Mum nor Dad will chase me for them, so I get a bit bored with that one. Anything that is left on the kitchen counter is now easy game for me. A nice lump of pork was very tasty when I pinched it off there but I had a poorly tummy for a few days afterwards, might give that a miss next time. All in all I think I am driving them mad at the moment.

But I did get a new ball the other day, which is very nice and chewy my teeth sort of bounce off it.

I was very good when I went for my long walk on Sunday. Most of the time I was off my leader. I did run after someone once but I came straight back when shouted. We saw lots of people on bicycles and I just ignore them now. But I would like some of the other dogs I meet to play with me but they just sniff and walk past.

Mum has booked me into training classes next week, so I should meet plenty of other puppies while I am there. Bet I can sit on some of them and squish them just like I do with my friend Jake. Mum say's I have to be good and do as I am told and when we get home we will have to practice too. I am going to learn how to sit (can already do that), down and stay (again I can do that one when I want to). Recall (not so good at that one), and to meet and greet without jumping (will have to practice that one a lot).
Hmmmm .............................. sounds like hard work to me!