Saturday, 17 July 2010

Garden Time

I do like to sit in the garden and watch the world go by.

My seat is by the plum tree, sometimes I lie underneath if it is too hot, other times I try and pick the little plums that are growing on there, I do get told off for that but it's good fun. Dad say's if I eat them all he won't have enough to make some plum wine like he did last year.

I thought Mum couldn't see me here but ....... wrong again.

Hmmm....... something smells nice, could it be Dad lighting the
b-b-q, sausages.........

I don't like anybody else sitting on this seat, if Mum sit's here I jump up behind her and wriggle about and wag my tail, till she gets off and I have it all to myself again.

New Bib & Tucker!

How do you like my new bib.

Mums been threatening for ages to make me one. I do make such a mess down my chest as I have been told I drool a little bit.

I even have a B for Bertie on the front.

I was concentrating on a lovely biscuit and a piece of ham in this photograph, that's why I was sitting so still.
Mind I don't know how long Mum's handiwork will last once I manage to get my teeth into it, I could potentially rip it to shreds in seconds. I had better humour her for a while and keep my teeth off it.

Hurry up, this posing is getting very boring!