Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Wind Beneath My Ears!

Top down, ears blowing in the wind, nice and cool and not a care in the world! Thats me, not my Mum. Mum hasn't got large flappy ears.

Mum buckles me into my new harness and then straps me into the car and we're off onto the open road, eating up the miles, it makes me feel nice and cool. Now all I need are some sunglasses.

I had to show Mum how to drive this car first though. 'Now watch the pedals and do as I do',

A Little bit of history on my breeds swimming and rescue abilities.

An unnamed Newfoundland is credited for saving Napoleon Bonaparte in 1815. During his famous escape from exile on the island of Elba, rough seas knocked Napoleon overboard. A fisherman's dog jumped into the sea, and kept Napoleon afloat until he could reach safety.
In 1832, Ann Harvey of Isle aux Morts, her father, and a Newfoundland Dog named Hairyman saved over 180 Irish immigrants from the wreck of the brig Dispatch.

In the early 1900s, a dog that is thought to have been a Newfoundland saved 92 people who were on a sinking ship in Newfoundland during a blizzard. The dog retrieved a rope thrown out into the turbulent waters by those on deck, and brought the rope to shore to people waiting on the beach. A breeches buoy was attached to the rope, and all those aboard the ship were able to get across to the shore.

In 1995, a 10-month old Newfoundland named Boo saved a deaf-mute from drowning in the Yuba River in Northern California. The man fell into the river while dredging for gold. Boo noticed the struggling man as he and his owner were walking along the river. The Newfoundland instinctively knew to dive into the river, take the drowning man by the arm, and bring him to safety. According to Janice Anderson, the Newfoundland’s breeder, Boo had received no formal training in water rescue.

I don't suppose I will ever rescue anybody, but my swimming is coming on well. I like to play fetch and I swim round and round the pool chasing the toys. I still have to wear my jacket but nobody holds onto me now. I still try to wet Mam even though she wears her swimming togs. Dad kept going out of the door I think he thought I would get him too.

Makes you tired all this swimming, I always have a snooze going home, and another when I get in, and after tea I have another one. Night night zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz