Thursday, 30 April 2009

Peeping Tom

Hi everybody, just dropped in to say hello again.

This is me looking through the bedroom window. If the door is closed and I need to get into the house and Mum and Dad are busy, I stand on the seat outside and peer in to see where they are. Sometimes if the window is wide open I will stick my head in and shout. Mum caught me one day when I did that and told me not to climb in case I fell ..... but I still do it!

I like a nice comfy bed to lie on and this one is very nice but ................. I am not allowed and I have to get off.

Perhaps, if I don't look at Mum she will just leave me! ............... Some hope.

I think I will have a go at crafting like Mum, just look at this delicately nibbled toilet roll, it would look lovely as a frill on a card!

How do you like my new dish. Every time I had my dish outside I went for a paddle in it, when all the water had gone I then had a game of football with it. Dad could never find it when he came to fill it up. So my clever Dad gave it a cement overcoat, only thing is I can't move it now. I expect Mum will paint it if it sits still long enough. I can still paddle in it but not play football ................ never mind, the watering can is a good play thing. Now where did I leave it.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Class Mates

Hi, me again.

Well, I have just done my fourth class and I thought I would introduce you to some of my fellow class mates. This is me going through my paces with Dad.

We had to sit first and then walk around the cones to let everybody know when I was born. We then had to walk around our phone number, each cone has a number on it. We all had to try very hard not to knock one over.

This is me with Keegan, he is small but he has a big voice and likes to bark a lot.

This is Sox. Sox used to race on a big track but then he got too old and he retired. I like Sox, he doesn't bark at me. He is laid back and relaxed. When we practiced our sit and stays, Sox lay down and went to sleep for five minutes. In the right hand corner of this photo is our newest recruit Bailey, he is an Australian Labradoodle. Every time I go near him he jumps two foot in the air. I think we might have to be especially nice to him till he settles in.

This is me waiting for our next game. We can take a toy to play with to relax while we wait.

I did some very good sit & stays at this class, while Dad had to work and pick balls up and put them into a bin. Our homework for this week is to build up our stays till I can do a whole minute. I can do 30 seconds now before Mum shouts for me but I do get bored after that but we are working on it.

When we come home I am very tired, Dad sat on the floor with me and I got a nice cuddle.