Sunday, 23 November 2008

11 weeks today

When I got up this morning we had all funny cold white stuff all over the garden. I like to run around in it and eat it, it melts on your tongue.

After lunch we went for a little walk to the top of the street, I met Natalie who lives over the road, she came out to say hello. I like going for walks. It was all wet and I splashed my feet as I walked. When we got home I was very tired, so I had a nice nap.

My Mum says I have been very good this weekend, I have gone into the garden every time for you know what, but I still had a couple of accidents when I have been playing and I did not get to the door in time! but I am trying hard. Last night I did not wake Mum and Dad up once, I went to bed at 11.30 pm and woke up at 7 am, and no accidents.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Auntie Rachel

Spent the morning playing with my toys and then ........... Mum and Dad left me for 30 minutes to go for my food. I didn't like that, I had a little cry and a little bark and when they didn't come back I thought I would have a look around the kitchen ................ opps! I've knocked the bin over. Can't get into it though so I had better leave it alone. Now whats in the other room, hmm, just my toys on the floor. It is soooooo boring on your own. That sofa looks nice and comfortable, but I am not supposed to get on there. Mum and Dad always tell me no .......... well, I will try it for a little while, they will never know!

Oops! I got caught sprawled out relaxing, it beats the hearth but I don't think I had better do it again.

Mum says's Auntie Rachel is coming to see me later, I wonder if she will play with me.

We had a good game of tug of war and then we played ball and then I fell asleep.

My Mum went to work on Monday morning so me and Dad had our jobs to do. Dad hoovered and I arranged some newspapers on the floor, just in case I had a little accident. Then Dad had to pick up the papers I had shredded. We went into the garage but Dad said it was too dangerous for me so he put me in the house. I spilt my water on the kitchen floor, I like to put my paw into the dish and stir it up a little bit while I have a drink but I seem to get it all over and then Dad had to wipe it up in case I slipped, then I played in the garden with the leaves again.

When Mum came in I got very excited but I got a big cuddle and a little treat.

Come on Dad I've been in a dirty garden, move over and let me in!

Hi, I'm Bertie


My name is Bertie, I am a Newfoundland puppy and I was 10 weeks old yesterday.

Yesterday was an exciting day. I was up early, had my breakfast and visited the vet for my second injection and then in the afternoon my new 'Mum' and 'Dad' came to collect me. The car ride was a little strange and I thought I was never going to get home, a little accident happened but my new Dad was very understanding.

Wow, I had lots of new places to sniff out and explore, a lovely big garden with lots of leaves to play with. Lots of toys and cuddles on demand. I found a nice ball in the garden, Daddy said it belonged to Osker, but he wouldn't mind if I played with it.

So far my favourite sleeping place is the hearth but I think I will grow out of that one!

I don't like being on my own and bedtime was a little trying for all of us. But eventually I settled down and I dreamt I was chasing all the leaves in the garden zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.