Friday, 26 December 2008

So this is Christmas!

Why is Christmas only once a year?

I have had a lovely time, lots of presents and loads of people coming to see me.

It did not take me long to get my present open, hmmm, it's blue, what can it be, better pull another bit of paper off.

What's blue with orange ropey legs?

Oooh, a lovely chewy bone, I will make short work of that one and I got a big bag of choccy drops for when I am very good.

It's a hippo with huge feet and hands, just nice to get hold of and fling about. Best of all he squeaks, great, I can make a lot of noise with this. Now, what should I do first have a chew at my bone or squeak his tummy.

Whoops, Mum had to stitch his tummy up when I had a tug-of-war with Auntie Karen. Better not play that with hippo.

Whens lunch, I can smell the Christmas dinner cooking. Hmmm.......pork and turkey, my favourites.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Busy Week

Hi, it's me again.

What a week I have had. Mum keeps putting me through my paces, 'sit', 'down', 'fetch', every day, although I do get some nice treats when I do as I am told, but I have developed a taste for the rug in the conservatory, it really does taste nice and sort of unravels when I get my teeth into it. Mum is sporting a new plaster where I caught her hand when we were playing fetch. I didn't mean to do it, it just sort of happened, I was aiming for my ball.

We went for a lovely walk on Sunday and I met lots of people and other dogs, these wheelie things kept coming past me, I think they were bikes, that's what Mum called them and I would have liked to chase them but I was made to sit and watch as they went past. Everybody we passed stopped to give me a stroke and called me a teddy bear! I am still not keen on the car, even if I have treats but I think I will probably get to like it after a while.

I visited the vet on Friday evening, just to get registered and a little check up. The vet said I was a nice happy bouncy puppy and he sat me on a table, (bet he won't be able to do that in a few months time). He looked in my ears and mouth, and then listened to my heart and said I was very good. I got weighted and I was 14.6 kilos, and then I got a horrible needle in my neck and I cried. The vet said it was a microchip just in case I ever get lost, so I can be sent straight back home. Mum took plenty of little treats for me while I was there so it was not too bad.

On Tuesday night I had a bath, I did smell a little bit after being in the garden and rolling in something not too nice. It was nice and warm and I tried to drink it. I whipped the towel away as soon as I was lifted out and had a good shake all over the bathroom floor. Mum sat me on a towel and dried me with the hairdryer, and when I was half dry I had a run around and came back to be finished off. I looked like a huge fur ball when I was finished.

I did put on my most pitiful face to see if I could get out of it!
I had a slight accident with one of my toys, it was a nice plaited rope with two squeaky toys on either end, but I got a bit excited and sort of shredded it, so now all I have is one of the squeaky things from the end, never mind I can still make plenty of noise with it, I can squeak it with my teeth all the time now. Mum threw the rest in the bin.

This is me giving my carrot the evil eye before I pounced on it and ate it.

I do wish Mum would put that camera down sometimes, maybe if I sneak up and get it, Oh! drat, caught in the act, will have to try again later.

Hmmm..................... might just have a sleep now, see you all later zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Growing Fast

13 weeks today, and I am growing fast.

I can now take a standing jump onto the sofa, but I do get wrong for that and I can reach things I could not before. My favourite thing is to pinch Dad's slipper and run away with it. I know Dad will chase me for it. I do let him have it back, eventually!

We go for nice walks now and I have a run around without my leader, but I don't stray too far from Mum and Dad and I always go back when told. My treats are always in Dad's pocket and if I am good I know I will get one.

We went out in the car today but I am still a little unsure of that. I have to sit in the back but if I sit up straight I can look out of the window. We got stuck in the car park and Dad tried to push us out while Mum drove but we just skidded, then a nice man came and helped and we were able to drive home. I had a long sleep when I got in.

I have learnt to sit and wait when I am told and Mum is now learning me to lie down, I will also give a paw when asked. After all, if I am good I always get a lovely treat. My favourite treats are carrots, cucumber and cheese.