Sunday, 26 December 2010

Into the Swing of Christmas!

The Hard Times In Elfland by Sidney Lanier

A Story of Christmas Eve.

Strange that the termagant winds should scold
The Christmas Eve so bitterly!
But Wife, and Harry the four-year-old,
Big Charley, Nimblewits, and I,

Blithe as the wind was bitter, drew
More frontward of the mighty fire,
Where wise Newfoundland Fan foreknew
The heaven that Christian dogs desire --

Stretched o'er the rug, serene and grave,
Huge nose on heavy paws reclined,
With never a drowning boy to save,
And warmth of body and peace of mind.

Well Santa's been and I got my pressies despite Mum saying I was naughty and he wouldn't leave anything. Left a carrot for the reindeer but got hungry during the night so that went. Didn't see him though I must have dropped off. It was all so exhausting so after lunch I just crashed out in the conservatory and had a good sleep cuddling my new toy.

Got a busy day tomorrow when Aunty Rachel, Morgan and Tyler come, I think Morgan and I will have a snowball fight in the garden before tea. Will have to get Mum to take some photographs to put on my blog.

Hope everyone is enjoying Christmas and I wish you all a very happy New Year.


acrylik said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, Bertie, that new toy looks good! We enjoyed our Christmas too, and got a fab new toy each - although Ash has been hogging them mainly.
Catch you soon!
Willow and Ash =^..^=

crafty flossie said...

Hi Bertie. I'm so pleased that Santa came to your house. He came to ours and Archie got some treats and a new collar and lead. I think his favourite treat was spending the day with my daughters boyfriends parents and their two goldies. It was very tiring playing with the girls. He's been so good since he came back.
I hope you have had a good christmas Judith. By the way I love the jockey you've made I had a look on twitter.
Take care

InkyArtitude said...

Oh Bertie, looks like Santa was very good to you (despite your Mum saying otherwise). Pity you fell asleep and missed him though.
I got lots of great toys that make a lot of noise and I heard Mum say to Dad 'never again.... no more squeeks' I can't begin to imagine what she means can you?
Happy Christmas Bertie and I brilliant New Year!
Love and Licks,
Diesel x