Sunday, 23 May 2010

Cooling Off

How do you like My Mum's new fashionable swimming get-up. Great eh! and all because I splashed her a tiny little bit when we went swimming!

I think I will still be able to get her wet somehow ........................

Phew hasn't it been hot, with all this hair I have been really warm so I had a lovely cooling shower on Sunday. Mum should have put her swimming togs on cos I wet her too.


acrylik said...

Fabulous pictures! Hope you're feeling a bit cooler today, Bertie. Of course, us cats are only ever happy when it's *really* hot.
Willow and Ash =^..^=

crafty flossie said...

You look like you've had such fun swimming and cooling down. It is funny when mummys and daddys get wet. Your mummy recommended that I should try swimming, it's definately helped and my leg is so much better.
I've found a good trick now. When I go out for a walk with my daddy (sucker) I lay down when I want to and then won't move!!! Becausse I'm so big he can't move me and he has to phone mummy taxi to come and pick me up. It's such fun because he thinks my leg's hurting, I need to be careful because that clever mummy has noticed I'm not limping any more.
Be careful though Bertie daddy's threatened to put me on Ebay.
I hope we have some more sunny weather because I have a paddling pool.
Archie and Debbie

InkyArtitude said...

Corrr Bertie, that does look like fun! Mum doesn't let me play in the hose very often as I make the carpet all wet when I go inside. She says I take too long to dry and I hate the hair dryer she uses. I much prefer the drying cabinet at the therapy pool where she takes me and I can lay down in it and snooze after my swim.
Enjoy the nice weather!
Love and licks... Diesel x